This incredibly beautiful Tuscan estate for sale is located in the province of Pisa and extends for an area of about thirty hectares with breathtaking landscapes, olive groves, organic crops and unspoilt woods.

It is a magnificent 15th-century residence with annexes in an enchanting location immersed in a timeless atmosphere, surrounded by a lush garden full of flowers and scents including a modern swimming pool with a panoramic view.

The main residence has a typical structure made of stone and bricks surrounded by fragrant wisteria plants, it has very good finishes with refined and customised furniture, original floors and special fireplaces in black, green and white marble. The living area consists of three spacious rooms, a large lounge area and two smaller rooms, two dining rooms and two kitchens, a professional kitchen and a traditional one with elegant ceramic finishes.

The sleeping area consists of six bedrooms with new and spacious bathrooms in a modern and minimalist style with resin walls and floors.

The olive grove contains about one thousand plants with an estimated production of 1,800 litres of fine oil.

The entire production of the farmhouse is organic and there is also the possibility of increasing production by adding two other hectares of organic crops. Also, a section of the company initially conceived as a perfume laboratory can be transformed into an oil mill.

Located on the hills surrounding Pisa, this historic residence preserves the most authentic roots of this territory, its rich tradition and ancient culture, offering the opportunity to fully experience the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside.


Region: Tuscany

Province: Pisa

Town: Palaia

Type: luxury villa – estate

Internal area: 775 sq m

External area: 30 hectares

Manor house: 610 sq m

6 bedrooms

8 bathrooms

Barn: 110 sq m

Tool storage: 55 sq m

Utility room: 32 sq m

House front garden: 1,750 sq m


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